Betania and Servant of God Maria Esperanza

We Are a Betania Community

The Message of Our Lady at Betania, Venezuela was to Save Souls through the unity, love and promotion of family life as God intended.

Our Lady appeared to Maria Esperanza and many others as Mary, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations. We are in partnership with Betania, as Betania XVI, joining them in the promotion of family, Christian love and reconciliation with God, ourselves and others.

A Personal Note

We have visited Venezuela many times and the family has stayed with us several times, even bringing close to 40 people at one time!  Due to the political problems in Venezuela, we cannot travel there.  Though we cannot go there in person, this does not change the deep friendships we have with so many of the family members and their prayers for us and our prayers for them. We value their friendship, their advice and mentorships in our personal and spiritual lives.

The people of Venezuela have been suffering hardships for years and continue to do so that far surpass what we know here in the US



Please Join Us in Supporting the Poor and Suffering in Venezuela


 All donations are greatly appreciated.


Maria Esperanza
Maria Esperanza: The Visionary
Maria Esperanza: The Visionary
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The Messages of Our Lady
The Messages of Our Lady
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The Betania Mission

Servant of God Maria Esperanza

Maria Esperanza was given the privilege of many spiritual gifts. Along with the gifts of prophecy, reading souls and bi-location, Maria Esperanza received visions of the Blessed Mother.  

In 1984, the Virgin appeared to over 100 people in Betania as Mary, Virgin and Mother, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations.  Read more about her incredible life as a wife, mother and mystic.  Fr. Timothy Byerley, author of Maria Esperanza and The Grace of Betania, is the Vice Postulator for the Cause for Beatification of Servant of God Maria Esperanza.

Find out about the Betania Foundation and their work to continue the mission of Maria Esperanza and help the poor, disadvantaged and most of all promote the cause of family unity and reconciliation.

Prayer for the Beatification of Servant of God Maria Esperanza

Maria Esperanza

Merciful Father, You blessed Maria Esperanza with an abundance of
spiritual gifts for the consolation of your people. She served You as
wife, mother, and missionary to promote the unity of the family and
the reconciliation of all peoples. You enabled her to be the central
figure in the manifestations of the Virgin Mary, under the title of
Reconciler of all Peoples and Nations, in Betania. Grant us the grace
to follow her example of humility, hope, and unconditional love.

Through the intercession of your servant, Maria Esperanza, we pray for
the healing and reconciliation of our families, and for the fraternal
unity of the entire human family.

Storage Emulated 0 Dcim Facebook Fb Img 1483762565610Especially, we beseech You to grant us the favors we now request
(mention your intentions here) through the merits and prayers of your
servant. Likewise, we humbly implore that she be inscribed in the
Church’s catalogue of saints, as a universal model of the beatitudes.

We pray all this according to your holy will, cherished by your
servant until the end, through Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be.

Betania, Venezuela 


Life size replica of the Holy House of Loretto, the house where the Blessed Mother lived and raised Our Lord.


"The Land of Grace" The beautiful, lush landscape of Finca Betania


Site of the appearance of Mary, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations

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Interior of the Holy House of Loreto


Relax on the beautiful veranda adjoining the retreat house.


The Cenacle

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Pathway featuring the Stations of the Cross


Ceiling of the Cenacle