Cut Someone Some Slack

It seems like there is so much tension in the world.  The news media is consumed with politics. When one side does something, the other side is against it immediately.  There is no consideration of what was done, if it may actually help someone or improve the common good. The assumption is, if the oppositon did it, its wrong.  I think one political party could find the cure for cancer and the other side would find some fault in it.

What about our personal relationships?  Are you quick to assume the negative about someone?  Do you presume there is always an ulterior motive to others' actions.  Do you see malice where none was intended?

Maybe things would go better for everyone if first we seek to understand.  Listen to one another a little longer than you normally would. Assume the good will of everyone unless they prove you wrong.  Then don't assume evil the next time you encounter them. Give them a break. Cut them some slack.

The reason we are so comfortable with our own families is that they accept us; bad moods, bad habits, bad tendencies and all.  They love us and we love them.  We know the little annoyances of every day life don't matter. We excuse them without a thought. Our love is so much greater they don't even produce a ripple.  Try to extend that same courtesy to others in your everyday encounters.

Jesus, the source of infinite mercy, has excused us, with no exaggeration, a million times.  We fall every day of our lives. We fail to love Him above all things. We choose other gods, like recreation, gluttony, greed, our egos, our friends, etc.   We curse using His Holy Name.  We tell little lies, sometimes big ones.  We "borrow" things that don't belong to us.  We steal time from others. We ruin reputations.  You get it.  We sin.  But, who waits for us, unwarvering, with open arms? Who longs for us to return even when we may have ignoroed or rejected Him for years!  Even if we've lived our entire life selfishly, we can repent at the eleventh hour. And who is there? Our Lord, Jesus Christ, waiting and yearning for our return; never failing to welcome us back. 

If God can forgive us, no matter how terrible and persistant we have been in sinning, who are we to hold the faults and failings of our fellow men against them?  Are we greater than God, Himself? 

Learn to ignore a lot of little slights and truly insignificant actions.

Yes, we still recognize wrong doing, but correct lovingly and forgive quickly. Be Christ to others.

July 26, 2017

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