Root for Our Lady's Team

The football season is drawing to a close as the final games are played to determine who will go to the Super Bowl.  The frenzy of the Super Bowl will begin immediately even though the game is two weeks away.  Fans will arrive, different venues will be available for fans to enjoy and spend their time and money.  

When the game began in Kansas City tonight, it was 26 degrees with a "feels like" temperature of 10 degrees. The stadium is full, people are there early and will endure approximately 3-4 hours of cold temperatures, packed together with others, cheering and encouraging every play of the game.

Our Lady needs the same enthusiasm for her game plan. At Fatima, OUr Lady gave a Peace Plan for the world.  She told us what we need to do to stop wars and bring peace to this world.  The plan is fairly simple.  It doesn't require any special training or study.

What is the plan?  The First Five Saturday Devotion.

What do we need to do?  Go to Mass on the first Saturday of the month.  Say the Rosary.  Meditate on some mystery of our faith for 15 minutes.  Go to confession within 20 day before or after the first Saturday.  Do all of these things with the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Repeat for the next consecutive four months.  It will take some effort but seriously it isn't that difficult.  It is more of a matter of wanting to fulfill what Mary asked of us and having the discipline to complete it.

Just try it.  If you miss a month, begin again. Our Lady will be pleased with your effort.

We are trying to provide a venue to complete the devotion. This Saturday, Feb. 4, some of our community members will attend mass at our local parish and then come back to OSMM for the rosary and prayer and to connect with one another.  Most people realize that if you do something with a friend, it is much easier to complete.  If you have a workout buddy, it is harder to excuse yourself and not workout.  We hope by doing this together we will encourage others do it along with us.  

If you can't join us in person, join us in spirit.  Attend mass wherever you live and complete the other parts of the devotion.  Know we are praying for you to complete the Five Saturday Devotion.  

Let's be on Our Lady's team to bring peace to our world

January 29, 2023

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