You Don't Have "Forever"

A couple of incidents that I have know about recently have caused me to think about time. I believe in eternity, but we often forget its not here on earth. In one recent accident that occurs far too often, a young woman through no fault of her own was killed in a car accident by someone who had crossed over the median and struck her at a high rate of speed.  Another accident involved an older gentleman who made the same mistake and resulted in his own death. Both are traic with lives ending before their natural deaths.  

How do any of us know when our time will come to leave this world?  We begin our days in typical manner, working, eating, socializng with others and looking forward to a restful night.  We think we have our day pretty well planned out and will be given the next day to carry on our lives.  Much is left undone as we are certain we will have time later for the many things that we want to do.

But what if we really don't have that next day? If you suddenly found out that today was your last day, what would you do?  Paint that bedroom you've been wanting to get done.  Wash the car?  Or skydive or some other risk-taking adventure?   I doubt it.  I'm not saying we should completely neglect all our duties in life or never seek a thrilling adventure.  Our duties in life are necessary and serve a purpose. Having enjoyment while not being foolish is also good. But since we are not guaranteed unlimited time on earth, isn't more important to make sure we love those around us, heal torn relationships, be Christ to others and see Christ in them, pray more and love God here so we can spend eternity with Him in heaven?   

Living life as if it was our last day on earth doesn't mean fulfilling our wildest dreams or living carelessly and foolishly.  It is living our life in the time and place that God has chosen for us, fulfillng our duties in life, cheerfully and with gratitude and loving God and those in our lives with all our heart and being.

July 15, 2017

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