What are your priorities?

In one diocese, the Bishop has recently restored the order of the sacraments to what they were for centuries with First Communion and Confirmation being received at the same time. […]

The Liber Christo Method

We don’t normally use the blog to promote a product or book. But, with the new book, The Liber Christo Method, we wanted to share this valuable resource that is […]

Are You Perfect?

Are you perfect is kind of a strange question.  No one is perfect.  We all have flaws, probably more than we care to admit.  They say, they we tell more […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Yes, it is still Easter.  Easter Sunday may have been three weeks ago but the Easter Season lasts 50 days so we should still be celebrating.  Actually, we […]

Easter Triduum

If you have never experienced the full participation of the Easter Triduum, you may want to include in this year.  The Triduum begins with Holy Thursday.  The first reading is from […]

Stability and Satisfaction

When did the concepts of stability and satisfaction become something to be avoided?  As humans, we have a natural tendency to want stability and routine.  Think back when you were […]

Knowing What You Gave up for Lent is Right

Lent is my favorite part of the Liturgical Year.  That may sound strange to some people.  What about Christmas or Easter?  I love those Holy Days too as Christmas and Easter […]

The Freedom to Do Good

It is hard to go one day and not notice the upside down logic of the modern world. What has always been known to be wrong is now considered right.  What was […]

Root for Our Lady’s Team

The football season is drawing to a close as the final games are played to determine who will go to the Super Bowl.  The frenzy of the Super Bowl will […]