Seven Sisters Apostolate

The Seven Sisters Apostolate is under the umbrella of Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry and was formed to pray for priests.  This group of women prays for many priests, in particular, our parish priest, our bishop, the priests in our diocese, those associated with OSMM and priests worldwide, espeically those being perecuted for thier faith.

Since we are under the mantle of  Our Sorrowful Mother, we have a wealth of beautiful prayers that we use during our hour. We also meditate on the Passion and the Seven Sorrows Mary suffered. 

Now more than ever, our priests need all of the prayer support we can all provide. 

We pray for their protection, sanctity, holy boldness, courage & faithfulness. 

Their names are recorded in a beautiful book placed in Mary’s Chapel, in the House of Bethany, which houses the priests who come here. 


If you have a priest that you would like us to pray for please contact Cheryl at


Please let others know about this important work in this crucial time.