God has a plan

It's so easy to feel lost and alone; to feel anxious, aimless and without answers.  We have all faced these feelings and fears. 

At Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry, we are dedicated to offering a prayerful and powerful space to be alone with God and find the answers you're searching for. The world is full of noise and sometimes we need to get away from the constant distraction so that we can be still with our Lord and hear His voice.

All of our retreats are designed to offer direction and guidance while allowing for time to be alone in prayer and draw near to Jesus. Our many Eucharistic Chapels are designed to offer you personal time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The same Jesus who walked in Palestine two thousand years ago is here, in the Holy Eucharist, waiting to heal and guide. He waits for you. 

Don't wait another day, don't put off the chance to rediscover God's plan for your life.

Join us at our next retreat and prepare to receive God's healing light and strength.