Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Matt: for a new and suitable job soon and for a private intention

Declan: for my Mum Edith healing for bleeding in the bowel

Angila: healing my chronic pain

Susie: healing of vestibular, eye and stomach issues, unable to work for 2 years

Debbie: for God to reunite Brian and myself and will heal and resotre our relationship

Gerry: for my mother who is in the hospital with pneumonia

Anonymous: for Brian for spiritual need, for deliverance, protection from traumas,addictions, spiritual warfare

Kevin: for the girl I love, Melanie who has bipolar disorder

Igor: finances

Victoria: for Mia who is suffering from depression and anxiety

Leslie: healing for my husband, Daniel in ICU with Covid pneumonia

Kurt: my 91 year old Dad who is in ICU

C: for my family under spiritual attack

Jim: for myself, 71 years old who has started to suffer from dementia

Sergio: healing for my mother, Socorro diagnosed with brain cancer

Sonia: for Heather and baby, expecting mom has covid

Karen: help with demonic oppression, for forgiveness and deliverance

Mercedes: for peace in the heart and soul of my friend, to be free of torment

Linda: for deliverance from suicide and drugs for Torry

Elizabeth: for my husband and all in danger and under duress due to vaccine mandates

L: for healing from addictions and past traumas, to gain clarity in discernment of vocations

Teresa: healing of childhood trauma for Maria

Michelle: for daughter Stephanie

James: for my daughter Anna who just had her engagement broken off by fiancee.  May she wear her brown scapular again.

Izabella: for conversion and healing of my children and all those in our families who walked away from the church and faith

Nonnie: healing and deliverance of Travis from same sex attraction

Maria Teresa: to find 4 important documents intact and undamaged

Laura: physical and spiritual healing for me, my family and all my loved ones

Shawn: Rose Mary's mental/emotional/physical/spiritual healing. Holy death/eternity in heaven

Rita: detachment from man-made things like cigarette smoking

Rita: for Anastasia who has O.D.D. and behavior issues

Juan Pablo: healing from fear, anxiety, depression and insomnia

Kirby: for my neighbor who practices witchcraft that she may find Jesus, for me to keep my faith strong, for deliverance and protection

Heather: full healing of my friend's chronic debilitaitng back pain, full reconversion of my ex-husband

Adelina: for all the suffering in the world, to be restored to health and any curses removed

JoAnn: for my daughter Maria, her husband Andrew and their four children to grow in desire to know Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Lynn: healing of my husband's relentless stress and depression and my father's lungs

Mary: healing from 40 years of debillitating chronic illness so I can better do the will of God

Leticia: for all of my family members to believe and to have our Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts and souls.

Joseph: for my wife suffering with neurological problems of unknown cause

Ruth: healing for my son who is facing many major surgeries, for myself as I am facing unemployment soon

Maria: all on our family prayer intentions list

Joanne: restoration of eyesight and heaing for Christine, confidence and good mental health for Brandon

Karen: for my niece Alaina and myself as we are caregivers for our mothers who both had strokes within a few months

Yuritzi: to better my mental health from depression

Linda: for a woman who asked me to pray for healing of cancer

Helene: for blood tests to be normal and restoration of health

Peter: to find employment and support my family

Linda: healing of OCD, depression and other health conditions, salvation of my soul and the souls of my family

A: healing of my 86 year old grandmother suffering from mental and emotional truamas of her childhood and uncontrolled diabetes

Joseph: for healing for Marianne who had a brain aneurysm and is on life support

Prayers for all those suffering from cancer.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer and her grandmother Janet who also has cancer.

For the peace of Christ to spread throughout the world, for the conversion of all peoples and nations. For Christ to rule as King in the hearts of all men.

For all those suffering from Covid-19 to be restored to health and for an end to the pandemic. For truth to prevail and fear to be overcome.

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