Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Holly: Erica who is suffering from anxiety, alcoholism, lethargy, self loathing, Crohn's disease, detachment from the sacraments

Michelle: for my daughters to meet and marry faithful Catholic me who do have substance abuse

Sandra: employment for myself, my mother who has dementia, a niece who battles alcoholism and my for my daughters to attend church

Alice: spiritual advancement, less terror attacks

Regina: to come into the church at Easter

Liz: for my marriage

Tessie: safe vacation

Mary: for engagement, wedding and marriage of our son to be holy, for the Catholic Church to be as Jesus wants it to be

Anthony: severe depression

Joscelyn: for Prisciiano who passed away without receiving the last sacraments, nor had a proper Catholic funeral

John: for the souls of my mother Lillian and good friend Anne who have recently died

Molly:  for my family and deliverance from all evil curses and generatiional sin, for God's guidance and protection

Jose: conversion of Tião

Anonymous: full healing, conversion and deliverance from depression and mental, emotional issues for Gabrielle and Vicki, conversion of Jordan and Irvin

J: conquering a long lasting addiction

Veronica: healing of dental issues, to grow in holiness individually and as a family

Janell: for Jason, John-Keith, Jacinta and Joel, need prayers as fallen away Catholics, some are atheists

Edward: protection from burglars

Velma: healing of any sickness, diseases or growths; return to optimal health

Liz: spiritual attacks on our family health and finances

Lucy: healing for 15 year old Kayla who was paralyzed in a accident in Idaho

Janet: wisdom and courage for my son to walk away from ungodly, unhealthy relationship

Jason: for myself and my godmother Diane and our families and friends and neighbors for conversion and holiness

George: for Joe to welcome Jesus into his heart as the only way to salvation from mental health and addictions

Anonymous: for 25 year old Anna who suffers from anorexia 

Joscelyn: prayers for Maria Graciela, may she be ehaled from asthma and cystic fibrosis and anxiety

Anthony: for my intentions and for complete protection

Jack:  for Alana and myself to live out God's plan for us

Celine: for Maria C fo healing from a heart attack

Edward: for the A. family to speedily find and move into best possible housing, resolve current place

Carole: for my 20 year old son to follow the will of God

Anonymous: for juju and Amy to speak clearly and be healed of all developmental delay; for Alexa for depression

M: for my husband and his job search, that he has job interviews and offers

Mary: healing for those who have been abused since birth, especially sexual, mental, spiritual and physical

Cecilia: problems with the family selling property and financial and health problems with family

Joseph: for the health and immediate recovery of my mother, Erlinda

Anonymous: complete healing for my young son, Mason who was dx 2/28/23 with testicular cancer

Iris: eternal rest for the soul of my Dad, all relatives who have passed on, my pets

Iris: for good employment

Tina: for my surgery

Lucia: for problems in the family

Jeremy: for healing of illness for girlfriend Kimberly 

Virginia: for my son, Samuel that he will come to love the Holy Face of Jesus

Liliana: for my sister battling depression, anxiety, mental health and inner healing

Kathleen: for my daughter to be able to eat again due to difficulty swallowing, on peg tube

Rogeliio: for mental health, anxiet and depression, removal of darkness so God's light can penetrate my soul

Jose: for me and my girl Carolina as I'm praying she will become my wife

Andrew: to receive a valid confession and for my fahter to come into communion with Rome

Sherly: testimony for employment obtained

Connie: for Encounter 16 potential candidates and for our intercession team, Movimiento de Misioneros Católicos

David: for the conversion and return to the Church of my daughter Nicole who is suffering from Gender Dysphoria and Transgenderism

Jelena: for my cousin Pavle who is in the hospital in danger of dying

Daniel: for the inner healing of my mother

Damir: for my mother to regain her strength and for my teenage son to see the importance of obedience

Maria: my son Jorge and his family to be protected from evil

Rosemary: for buyers to make a good offer for my house

Joscelyn: for healing from Bell's palsy that has paralyzed my face and caused pain

Sonia: succesful surgery on Feb 23rd

Ana: total healing of my daughter's afflictions, healing of our family

Mary: for Cathy S to be healed from broken bone and from Parkinson's

Amber: spiritual protection from all demonic activity, influences and peace in our home

Paul and Joanne: complete healing  for Paul's bladder cancer and surgery of Feb 17

Fran: for the conversion of my husband and children and their spouses

Charles: for my visa application to be approved

Heather: for the conversion of my mom, Anne and my Aunt Kate

Kelly: the conversion of my children and the grace that my granchildren will be baptized

Ana: total healing of body and mind, spiritual healing for my son; for all the victims of natural disaster and the oss of loved ones

Karen: healing of my son's neck injury, herniated discs, spinal cord depression and severe pain; healing of marriage and family problems of my neighbors; healing of Parkinson's for my husband

Daniel: for conversion and may Jesus take away addiction to alcohol

Jarad: for help to improve on temperance: I have extreme difficulty with overeating

Ana: for the spiritual, mental, body and soul for my son Erick

Lisa: full conversion of my son's soul, may God grant him the grace of humility; for the conversion of my daughter's soul

Kathryn: for full restoration and healing of trauma resulting from two decades of demonic oppression



Prayers for all those suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses

Prayers for all those suffering from cancer.

Prayers for Taylor who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer and her grandmother Janet who also has cancer.

For the peace of Christ to spread throughout the world, for the conversion of all peoples and nations. For Christ to rule as King in the hearts of all men.

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