Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Deborah: Please pray for healing of family relationships and a return to God and the Church

Patrick: Pray for marriage and family that is divided

Donna: I need prayer to help me save my home. 

Brenda: Pray for my family's current needs, our loved ones, and all of those I just told I'd pray for.

Catherine: Please pray for my inner peace and that I may find a good satisfactory job according to the will of God

Debbie: Please pray for God's protection and physical/spiritual healing for Sharon and her children

nn: Please pray for me for inner healing. Please pray for Damianus, Aditya, and Christie.  For reconciliation.

Kevin: For healing for my mother who was just diagnosed with intraductal carcinoma, a species of breast cancer

Robert: to be released from the bonds of sexual impurity inmind, body, thought, and action.  To receive spiritual help.

Hrvoje; Please pray for Snježena that everything will be well for her pregnancy for herself and her baby

Christopher: That Marissa will find a good and decent job soon

Mary: That God will grant me a good spiritual director (priest)

Renee: Prayers for my biopsy is not cancerous

Monica: For mental, spiritual and emotional healing of Melissa S

Debbie: Healing, conversion, and temporal needs: Barbara and families of Brian and Tom

Elizabeth: Prayers for Bob B who has an inoperable brain stem tumor

Joanne: Please pray that God protects me from all evil. Pray for my many intentions.

Pat: For Anna: who has severe depression/anxiety, for Doctor, for family, for healing, guidance, strength

Carmen: Urgent financial help

Vincent: Financial breakthrough

Christopher: For the conversion of Marisa's family and in particular for the conversion of her father.

E: For traditional family assaulted by demons

Jose Antonio: For God's Will to be accomplished in my life

Debbie: For Jeanne (age 85) for physical healing and for grace/blessings in anticipation of two special family gatherings in May.

Josephine: Dear Lord, please bless my Brother Rohan and make peace between us

Kyla: I am in desperate need of an apartment

Juan: Please pray for Juan who has liver cancer and heart problems. Pray for healing and a miracle

Pat: Immediate prayers for Ami who was released from hospital but suffering from internal bleeding

John: Prayers requested for family undergoing severe spiritual attacks

Debbie: God's miraculous intervention, protection and healing for JIm and his family, for Lori and her family

Anonymous: the priests of Camden Diocese of NJ.  They are suffering trials

Reid: Grace for healing of wounds and forgetfulness, conversion of sinners

Debbie: Please join me in prayer for Jeanne who is fighting a leg infection and her daughter Debbie who cares for her

Daniel: Please pray for me and my family for spiritual protection. 

Alfred: Please pray for Eric for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ

Norma: Please pray for my friend Kay who is undergoing chemo

Joseph: For forgiveness and healing of my marriage

Hilario: Protection and forgiveness of sins, healing for the reparation of sins

Kathleen: For conversion of my husband who is entrenched with and by the practice of Tibetan Buddhism