Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Claudet: Prayer for friend, Elaine to be free from harmful behavior in the political arena

Joan: Pray for successful eye surgery for Molly

Debbie: For Taylor and Emily to end their relationship

Luke: For the softening and openness of Dani and Luke's hearts and for healing and reconciliation in their relationship.

Stephanie: Family direction

Debbie: Finances for Rick and Kim, finances, Jeanne, Debbie, family, Steve, Megan, Batina, Alexander, family healing

John: For healing of my eyes and abdominal problems

Elizabeth: Please pray for my brothers and sisters, nephew and nieces and their families for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing

Jane: Please pray for Thelma who recently died

Joan: Prayer for Joseph and Nicholas to return to Catholic Faith, For the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Bob: For 15th Annual seven hour Rosary Crusade on May 12th in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary: For Special Education needs grandchildren to remain in their private school

Mary: Conversion of heart for Daniel, his family and his lawyer

Debbie: Healing for Tom, Debbie, Jeanne and employment for Tyler; Spiritual needs for Chris at time of death

Gloria: A miracle between myself and my son, Shama

Bill: For spiritual, financial and emotional healing

Thomas: For my wife, Susan who underwent major abdominal surgery and suffered complications. Please pray for complete healing.

Helen: For my son who is in spiritual warfare.

Judy: For our daughter who is mentally ill and has separated herself from her family

For Shawn who is in need of healing

Shireen: For Jacqueline R.

Cindy: My son, Patrick, for the braking of demonic possession and generational curses. For Patrick's complete surrender to Christ Jesus.

John: for Maryann N.

Sue: For my marriage and cure of depression

Joan: For Denis to receive a compatible bone marrow donor

Jack: Financial success in my business

Eileen: For an upcoming PET scan for a diagnosis of lung cancer

David: For the repose of the soul of Bud Blanchard and Betty Baldwin

Ronny: For my Valeria, to be libertated and free to do His Will and see Christmas not as a pagan holiday but the birth of Jesus. Also for myself to avoid temptations and be free from sinful behavior