Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Chris: Dear Jesus, bless my efforts to restore our home. We need a home, Lord come quickly .

Anonymous: Please help myhusband who is struggling to find work and fulfillment, A stay at home Dad, now an unemployed 50 year old

Anonymous:  Please pray for the following: Healing in body, mind, spirit, faith and soul, family unity, for Baptism and salvation for all. Conversion of heart and mind and Baptism into the faith of Jesus Christ for Lloyd. For healing and holiness for myself and my sister.

Patricia: Please pray that our financial issues will be resolved. For my daughters and their families return to the Catholic faith

Maria: That my husband and children will come to hear Fr Ripperger's talk on Saturday.

Erietta: Please pray to Our Lady to intercede to Jesus to heal me from a very painful sickness. Please pray for my depression after years of constant pain and lack of sleep as I have become very weak.

John: Please pray for the repose of my father Panagiotis who died yesterday. Pray that Our Lady will strengthen the family members. In thanksgiving that my father was anointed before he died.

Sophocles: Please pray that Our Lady will save the soul of my father who will probably die today and to have a peaceful death.

Hrvoje: Please pray for Snjezana. She is pregnant. Pray that everything will be well with her and the baby.

John: Please pray that Our Lady my obtain the conversion and salvation of my father who is dying and that he may go to confession

Maria: For Rhonda and Cindy who are into para-normal stuff and psychics that they are healed , repent, and confess their sins. For Vicki to stop the practice of yoga in her school involving the students. For the conversion of the yoga instructors. For the grace to spend 15-30 min of time in personal prayer daily and help my children and husband to do the same. In thanksgiving for my nephew who came home from the hospital where he had a successful heart transplant surgery

Maria: My mother died in April. My sister Liza who cared for her is alone and unmarried. May God lead her to a holy marriage soon. In thanksgiving that my husband and I pray together daily the Breastplate of St. Patrick.  Thank you Jesus for this grace

Brenda: For WG to have spiritual, mental and physical healing and be free from alcoholism and not a danger to himself or others

Avery: Please pray that my niece Megan passes her last two CPA tests once and for all. Amen

Hilary: For my daughter who has left her husband

Johnny: Please pray for me, Johnny S and Susan T to have our friendship restored.

Johnny: Please pray for my daughter Alexis to be healed of a special intention and for Susan T to have a conversion

Rajan: Kindly pray for me to get a job to survive from financial difficulites and help my family

Monique: Prayer for my sister who deserves to be completely happy. My sister's children and grandchildren and great grandchildren all need guidance. My heart's desire to have my ex and I share our life together for what's left of our lives.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer.

Anonymous: For CS and answer to case, SD work situation and safe living space for B, R, JM

John: Please pray for problems concerning the 6th commandment, past mortal sins and for a renewed faith

Katie: Please pray for great-nephew who was injured with many complications

Gabriel: Prayers for my healing and the healing of Michael, Normita, Cynthia, Ginna, Juanito and Raquel

Holly: For a resolution to D's search for work

Holly: For HG's complete healing from OCD

Liz: Please pray for Mary Jo for biopsy of gastric polyps, esophagus and small bowel

Margaret: For healing of marriage and financial losses, for clear direction in life for the family

Madeline: Please pray for my daughter who is battling with depression and anxiety disorders.  Prayers that my husband and I don't loose our house.

Jane: For Lyndon, diagnosed wiht cirrhosis of the liver and bone cancer. Prayers for the Lord to grant a miracle of healing, strength and peace

Aisling: Please pray for my physical healing and also for that of my daughter

Charles: Please pray that I will get a new job.

Jennifer: For healing, conversion and purity for our son, Max

Librada: Please pray for my marriage and my husband Miguel for him to return

nn: Please pray for Damianus, Aditya, Chrisite and myself for reconciliation and forgiveness

Cheryl: Please pray for my grandchildren Shaun, Heaven, Addison, Powell, Cheryl and son

Mary: For God's healing for ill health and fear and anxiety about my health. To be healed so I can live to care for and raise my children

Annabel and Alice: Prayers for emotional, physical and spiritual healing and cleansing from anything that is not of God