Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Wayne: Please pray for Ireland, its apostasy and pro-abortion movement

Vicki: Please pray for Fr. Andrew Apostoli who passed from this life on Dec. 13th.

nn: For God's intervention and healing of woundedness and feelings of abandonment

Juliette: To get out of co-dependent relationships

Margaret: Delivery of family from demonic forces

Cheryl: Prayers for protection, deliverance and peace for family.

Ron: I want to be holy but need to make much reparation for my sins whcih are abominations. Pray for me and my family.

Jenny: For the quick sale of my house

Barbara: For the conversion of my son, his wife, and the healing of their marriage and the my daughter be freed from homosexuality

Marie-Claire: For my daughter Leonora to be healed of sexual confusion and transgenderism and return to the faith.

Derek: I am in immense danger and need help.

Kathleen: For my husband and children and grandchildren who are away from the faith. That through JMJ, our family has a miraculous loving Christmas. For my husband's lifelong audioprocessing disorder. 

Jo Ann: Prayer for my husband from marijuana addiction, oppression and suffering from past issues.  Prayers for my son who suffers from SSA and depression and anxiety.

Barbara: For the conversion of my son, his wife and the helaing of their marriage and my daughter will be free from SSA

Michael and Anjali: Please pray for priestly vocations

Jason: For conversion and holiness for me and my godmother Diane and all of our families and friends and neighbors

Brent: Healing of throat pain and bleeding

Cecelia: Please pray for my daughter's physical, emotional and spiritual health

Brigid: Pray for liberation from oppression and the grace of perseverance

Donna: Pray for resolution of conflicts with children and ex-husband

Gina: Pray for my granddauther Peyton to healed from epilepsy adn Quinn to be healed from sickness

Kenneth: Please pray for my complete healing fro scrupulosity

Lee: Please pray that I find and follow God's Will for me

Robert: In danger of losing my job, ex-wife has partial custody of children and is attempting to sabotage their faith

Klemen: Please pray for a person who fell deep into the occult (channeling)

Jo Ann: for husband who is vaping marijuana and having demonic behavior issues.

Amanda: healing from Gain-of-function Stat-1 gene mutation for myself and Jadon, 8

Christopher: Protection of house and home

James: That neither one of my parents get cancer, heart attack, stroke or diabetes. That myself and parents get off of black lists.

Mary: That God give myself and my son a holy priest as a spiritual director

Mary: Protection against occult, wiccans, narcissists, boarderline personality disorder and sociopaths

Nicholas: For my healing from bipolar disorder

Stephen: Please pray that my wife may have peace and return to the Church.

Amanda: Clarity, discernment, strength.  Ability to forgive myself. Strength for others.

Rhonda: Begging prayers for my sister, Megan. Deeply concerned about the safety of her mind, body and soul.

Bill: Pray for Fr. Morrow whose leg is swelled with painful sores

Julie: Pray for my families' finances, conversion of husband and spiritual protection

Phil: Pray for me, I am 45 and have never been in a relationship. I've been praying for 22 years. Please pray for God to send me an answer.

Vicki: For the repose of the soul of Rosie San Paolo

Vicki: For the repose of the soul of Ivan Richards and comfort for his family

Joseph: Good homes for extra animals and that I will also remain centered on Jesus and Mary

Stephen: Pray to Our Lady of Akita for my conversion, healing and most of all, love and abundant mercy

Beatrice: Pray for the conversion of my children-Brenda, Brittany, Brandon and Bree and their protection from spiritual warfare

Alex: Please pray for the return to the Traditional Latin Mass