Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Donna: for my brother-in-law Tommy who may have ALS

Traci: for Dene, for myself for a new job and financial stability

Linda: for liberatin from spiritual warfare from the evil one

Hroje: pray for healthy childhood for my son, Noel and prayers for myself and Snjež

April: for the conversion of Maggie, Demetri and Jill

Jelen: for my niece Kathy for healing of her spine of cancer; my complete healing of diverticulitis for my sister Mary

Maggie: for our friend, Tom who was seriously injured in an accident

Zachary and Dad: for healing of depression for my son and for myself and my family

Carolina: for the healing of my marriage and all diabolical influences and attachments

Margaret: For my healing and financial troubles.

Maria: healing prayers for Helder and his mom who both are dealing with cancer

Kyle: for protection

Rema: for the healing of my femoral hernia

Joseph: that my home, life and health will be blessed by the Lord

Irene: for good health and total cure of all the ailments of my body

Brenda: pray for marital issues for two families, for home repairs, for Fr. W, Mother, JM, for health

Tee: for my daughter and other family members to have faith in God's mercy and conversion

Irene: for peace with my neighbors and safety in my neighborhood

Karen: conversion of my family, ex-husband and my children

Silvia: For my son, Dylan for the gift of faith and emotional and spiritual healing

Maria: That my son finds faithful friends and be cured of his loneliness

Linda: for reconciliaiton and healing of daughter's marriage

Carlos: healing of head injury

Anonymous: for Christy's heart and kidney issues to be healed

Gabrielle: for a good confession

Linda: For God to heal my daughter of macular degeneration and cones dystrophy and saver her eyesight

Lynnet: for my husband's conversion to the Catholic faith

Anonymous: Prayers for the families of Kyle, Thomas and John. These young men have recently died.

David: Healing of heart problems

Lynnet: healing of my legs that have numbness and difficulty walking

Margie: For my son-in-law's conversion back to the Catholic faith

Sandy: Healing and conversion of each of our family members

Rosemary: For the conversion of Monika, Cathy, Chris, Maria and Lazaro

R: Healing for my son-in-law Colby whose biopsy showed cancer cells

Leah: To be reunited wth Valentina

Br. Alexander, MIC: To become a good, holy and faithful priest of my community.  Prayers for all who are consecrated to Mother Mary to be eternally saved and be graced so satan may be rebuked from the face of the earth.

Lloyd and Sharon: For healing for Sharon's hernia and arthritis, For Lloyd's heart, lungs and anxiety

Tammy: Pray for healing for my mom, Maggie who had a stroke which has effected her speech and ability to eat

Margaret: Pray that I will be free of any spiritual warfare against me and my family

Rosa: Pray that my family and I serve God and learn to love him first

Bernadette: Please pray for my son, Joshua, who is awaiting sentencing for drugs and is in a country with harsh penalties.

Connie: Please pray for my son who is in a career and financial quandary. Pray for my brother who committed suicide.

Nancy: for daughter and son's health. For the Holy Spirit to bring them closer to the church 

Breann: M.K. dying of lung cancer; A.M. who lost job and has a large family; for health and to sell house

Sandra: Please pray for a complete healing of body for James.

Patrick: for a job, release of my gratuity and for a scholarship

Nick: for proper discernment towards my vocation and for my interior wounds

Martial: healing of my friend Dave's heart for reconciliation, communication and restoration of relationship

Sherry: for Danisa

Carlos: Please pray for healing of head injury

Amore and Eddie: healing of husband's cancer and for our 3 year old twin boys

Mary: for healing of son's mental illness, emotional and spiritual healing and conversion

Peter: for restoration of marriage and healing of wife's heart

Liam: healing from chronic back and leg pain

Kelly: prayers for my intentions.

Wendy: For healing of foot ulcer for my mother

Crystal: For restoration of marriage, for God to heal husband's heart for reconciiation

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer.

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