Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Gracie: for the conversion of our son Sergio Macario

Karen: for my husband's conversion, deliver him from evil

Joyson: for my children, Lenore and Jace to be healed of eye disease

Daniella: for healing of uterine fibroids, that she find work

Anonymous: for a job

Donna: healing from neurophy and deep depression

Jan: healing of cancer for Fred, sobriety for Jessica, normal delivery and healthy baby for Berkley,  protection of evil for my family

Helana: healing of my ears from ringing that is starting to effect my emotional health

Sidonie: for my siblings to return to the faith

Jeremy: healing of porn addiction

Shannon and Bu: my husband and I both need work to support ourselves and 5 children

Emily: healing time with father

Allen: for Randell and Judy who have been married for 54 years, Randell has bladder cancer and has been given 6 months to live

Joseph: for Sean who is suffering kidney and liver failure

Elizabeth: for court decision in our favor, release for PTSD and anxiety for my family

Beth: deliverance of my family, specifically my daughter and myself and protection from evil;  holy husbands; God's purpose in our lives

Patricia: for a normal mammogram with no ultrasound needed

Magdalena: for conversion of my husbnd from atheism and spiritual protection of our son

Dolores: for my sister's vocation and mine, to each find a holy husband if God's Will

Maripat: for Holy Souls in purgatory, for conversion of children and spouses

Loretta: thanksgiving for healing of body aches and pains, healing of depression and anxiety for Spencer

Dean: for suicide victims

Roxanna: healing

Isabel: healing for daughter Anna from breast cancer, for pain in right shoulder

Sam: miracle healing for college student Jaden who is on life support

Éva: healing from cancer

Lucy: healing of mental health; for my kids and their husbands, for conversion of my entire family

Moises: physical healing and financial relief for my family

Sheila: healing from ongoing pain from gallbladder surgery, return to faith of my family, healing of souls, mind and body

Tara: freedom for Jeffrey,  my brother in Christ from prison

Anonymous: conversion of family, increase in faith and perseverance

Tara: for finances and blessings on our home

Anonymous: for my husband, for his mind, his heart and his senses

Mary: for my Dad's heart, for his return to confession, stopping of alcohol abuse and use of TV

Brenda: healing for our granddaughter, Olivia

Maria Huong: for the soul of my late grandmother

Hiep: for the soul of my late father

Casey: for the gift of repentance and true sorrow for my sins

Anonymous: for all intentions of the heart of Mary, those in need of God's mercy, an end to abortion and war, for marriages, families and children

Paloma: for my marriage, for my husband's reversion, deliverance from alcoholism, gambling and adultery in my family tree

Joseph: for the reversion of my wife Michele and my daughters Joelle, Alena and Claire to the faith

Ana: for healing of wounds for my husband Josip who suffered traumas of multiple kind during his childhood and life.

Anonymous: to get married for myself, my sisters and the end of divroce and abortion; conversion to Catholicism for family and extended family members; healing of emotions and deliverance for self and extended family

Marlena: healing from evil for family and extended family

Mario: health

Lisa: deliverance from parasite infection, destruction of finances and marriage, oppression

George: salvation of soul of Mark who died of suicide

Beau: for my family and for my brother Christian to help him with his suicidal thoughts

Mary: for my daughter and granddaughters to be delivered from sexual and mental abuse and reunite with the family

Anne: for healing of trauma for Gabriel

Jean: for an apartment and a relationship

Melissa: for success at work and deliverance from homelessness

Gabriela: for Hospital de Almas Maria de la Consolación, all its specialists and the patients

Marie: for my daughter and granddaughter to come back to the Catholic Church, for healing for Bonnie whose cancer has returned

Bindang: for the fruit of the womb and an end to miscarriages

Jolene: healing of anxiety and insomnia

Liz: deliverance from lifelong demonic oppression

Linda: for my children and partners to embrace the Catholic faith and for myself to dicern a new focus

Yolanda: healing of my family to do God's Will

Lisa: for a complete remission and healing for Michael who has prostate cancer, for the doctors and nurses treating him

Michael: for the reconversion of my friend Joe and the conversion of my friend Rob to the Catholic faith

Anonymous: for my husband Uwe who is being attacked spiritually

Brigitte: healing for my trigeminal and ocular neuragia

Jeremy: softening and conversion of heart in a marriage undergoing divorce

Anonymous: for Julia and Amy to speak clearly and be free of speech impediments

Prayers for all those suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses

Prayers for all those suffering from cancer.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer and her grandmother Janet who also has cancer.

For the peace of Christ to spread throughout the world, for the conversion of all peoples and nations. For Christ to rule as King in the hearts of all men.

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