Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Sam: for my brother Demian returns to the Catholic faith and is delivered from alcohol addiction and spiritual woundedness and that my mother Susan is delivered from spiritual affliction and returns to the faith

James: healing from a spiritual wound

Angie: exorcism associated with ancestral witchcraft

John: that all my mental and physical ailments be healed

Sherly: for a suitable chemical and data science position

Ken: for my mom, myself and a friend to be healed speedily by Mother Mary and Christ

Fr. Mark: for healing of my sinus problems

Sylvia: full conversion of my children that they return to the sacraments, break away from vices.

Sherly: for succesful visa interview and safe travel from Haiti to US for my mother, Manita J.

Michelle: for my abusive husband to be a better person to my and my family

Bryan: for my mother who refuses to go to confession and is hooked on online Tarot Card Readers,  for my own intentions

Michelle: for Aunt Barb's relief of back pain from cancer that has spread throughout her body, for her peace as she seeks hospice

Michael: for my friend's dying cousin, Aaron 

Edythe: healing for my friend, Janie

Adalia: for healing and strengthening o f faith

James: for Frank who is on his death bed

Joseph: for my brother-in-law Joe to be cured of cancer

James: healing from Chronic Fatigue caused by Lyme/Candida with severe economic/financial consequences

Janice: healing from Covid, to keep my job and my son's conversion

Mary: for our family's freedom from generational sin especially the curses of freemasonry and other secret societies.

Henry: for my vision to be healed to full capacity

Liane: for my mother's health and strengthening of my father's spiritual life.

Michael: to be cured of silent reflux and nasal congestion.

Regina: for my husband, Todd who is under siege by both psychological and spiritual evil. Our marriage/family being attacked.

Chulie: for economic crisis and unrest to be resolved in Sri Lanka anf for honest and just leaders to be appointed.

Lawrence: for the healing of spiritual and physical wounds

Linda: for financial healing for my son

Karla: to remove all demonic oppression in my family, for my husband Scott to healed from massive stroke, right side paralysis and aphasia

David: for protection of our family

Marilyn: Mike, Tina, Marley, Arlene, John, healing and protection and abundance

Tanisha: for a miracle for God to provide a husband and children

Breann: for Fr. W and B.M. meeting, and our diocese, our priests and religious and seminarians

Christabel: peace in our family, protection of our home

Jason: for conversion, salvation, holiness, healing and deliverance

Heidy: for the truth to be known at trial (4/11) and for a new job

Gladys: that the birth of my 5th child goes smoothly and naturally on due date

Karen: to suffer with love, for peace, healing, employment, strength and healing for mom with cancer, son with schizophrenia

Amber: for my children who are in foster care and my fight in a court case

Debbie: for Roseann's cancer to be eradicated completely so she can be fully restored, for my husband's healing of hips and knees

Vjane: conversion for my sister Mary Jane, Terie, son Steven, wife Marie and grandson Guy Louis

Colleen: complete healing of sons Jared and Zachary's kidney disorders

Cathy: healing of Jacob and guidance of medical staff and support of his family, for healing for Sandy's family members

Mary: for the stronghold in my mind of Michelle to be gone in the name of Jesus and for Michelle to move out

Antonija: for my husband Bojan, to be delivered from alcohol addiction and for deliverance for all evil that is attacking our family

Norma: for the converson of sinners, for my son to return to love and serve God

DJ: that my daughter meets the husband God has chosen and know love, prosperity and have children

Jared: for a chaste marriage

Elizabeth: complete healing of my husband's bladder infections since 2013.

Audrey: healing from pneumonia

Eve:  prayers needed for my sister Yolanda that her kidneys are fine.

Lynda: my husband's childhood trauma addictions anger and abuse

Katheryn: convert from New Age practices, pray for protection from spiritual attack as I complete RCIA and prepare for Confirmation

Rose: I ask for help from Mother Mary, Our Lord and my Guardian Angel for strength with the vice of gluttony

Mary: for healing of my brothers Pat and Jeff

Brandy: conversion of children's father and forgiveness of misguidance

Michael: to stay focused and not let anyone pull me apart from my family, help to stay on top of work and keep my mind clear

Anthony: to be rid of all my torments

Zlatko: to be rid of my scrupulosity

Karen: for my daughter to have her dream job and be able to finish school

Prayers for all those suffering from cancer.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer and her grandmother Janet who also has cancer.

For the peace of Christ to spread throughout the world, for the conversion of all peoples and nations. For Christ to rule as King in the hearts of all men.

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