Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Ann: for healing and happiness for my daughter Christine

Anonymous: for healing and conversion for Tyler

Liz: for Mary Jo in the hospital with stones, infected gall bladder and bowel, high white cell count

George: for help for financial troubles and lustlful thoughts

Debbie: spiritual and temporal needs of all of my loved ones

Debbie: for Amber and other staff and nursing home residents for protection from Legionnaires

Chukwuemeka S. Frank: good health, gainful employment at pharmacist, stability in life, marriage and children

Bonnie: for my daughter-in-law Leah who is in the hospital battling coronavirus

NH: for complete healing for her son who has been diagnosed with Stage 3b malignant melanoma with metastasis.

Alexsandra: for my grandma who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Yvonne: pray for spiritual healing, PR status, deliverance, a good job, peace and grace to do God's will

Erietta: pray to Our Lady of Sorrows to reveal to doctor's a safe cure for coronavirus, pray for all the sick and dying, for doctors and nurses

Barbara: for the regression of my father's cnacer  and that he will feel well again

Shannon: for our family to find a home

Sandra: for all suffering and dying from the corona virus, for all families, the world and the souls in purgatory

Riza: for healing for my brother Rex who had stroke and is in a coma.  

Lucas: to return to confession

Janice: healing for Suzy of bowel obstruction

Lisa: pray for my daughter Joanna to be free from addiction and self hate

Cheryl: for my brother George who has diabetes and is having knee replacement

Bafedile: protection and healing from past wounds, restoration of finances, new job

David: healing of my father's lungs

Fernando: mental and emotional healing and peace and restoration of marriage

Cristina: for mental and emotional healing and peace from divorce and loss of beloved companion dog

Daphne: for my son's healing from anger and broken relationships.  For his return and reconciliation with the Lord; healing of family relationships

Celeste: for healing of my Aunt Barbara from a bad fall

Catherine: for healing for my family, graces, peace and properity

Diane: for my daughter Annie to be healed of alcoholism

Edward: physical healing

Sandra: for a complete healing for James B.

Cynthia: for my brother R.S. for healing and freedom from pain

Tammy: for my cousin who is waiting for a kidney transplant and my son.  For my daughter to get a good Dr. report

Tyteana: for recovery from a broken heart and depression and to move closer to God

Todd: for the spiritual and mental healing of Gabriel and Felicity

Isabel: pray for my friend Kirstie from depression and abuse

Adrianna: for the health of Maria José

Deborah: deliverance from alcohol and an enemy

Beth: pray for my eyes to be healed

Louise: for the repose of the soul of Father J.S. and those needing healing from clergy sexual abuse

Vicki: for the repose of the soul of Kenny and healing for his family

Janine: Healing of Zach, Angela and Courtney's heart to return to the Catholic Church.

Gil: healing and deliverance for a family with history of mental health illness

Venus: Protection from spiritual warfare

Annette: healing and reconciliation of all family relationships, for conversion for my family and friends, financial blessings

Ashlyn: for my mom to do well at work, for healing for my friend's little brother

Fabiola: healing of emotional and physical wounds from alcoholism and domestic violence

Anthony: healing of my neck, shoulder, back and arm

Edward: for healing of brain tumor

Mary: for my daughter to escape her abusive situation

Benjamin: for my brother who is trying to join the Instiutue of Christ the King

Michelle: for my friend's headaches to go away

Lorna: for a speedy recovery for my son-in-law Don for his infections and fever to subside, keep Cheryl in safe lodging in PR

Sarah: for my daughter's mental illness and for her son to not be affected

Joseph: that my home, life and health will be blessed by the Lord

Marie: an end to global abortion and communism, for generational healing for my family

Melissa: to find a home so my disabled son won't lose his help, we live in a hotel

Gina: for my son's stomach issues

Kenneth: for my family to truly seek God's will

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer.

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