Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Virginia: For my son's deliverance and for him to follow God's will

Shacarra: For healing of ankle surgery

Kelli: For generational healing and deliverance for my own and my husband's family

Bill: For the conversion of my 2 sons. For the conversion of the wife of one of these sons.

Suzie: Healing of lupus and autoimmune diseases

Robert: For my mom to stop smoking and for my dad to stop using profane language, family harmony

Marilyn: Healing from TVholic husband and from anxiety for daughter

Eureka: For my marriage and family from evil. For patience and prayer for me to know career path

Jacqueline: Praying for God's grace and peace of mind. For God to deliver my daughter Tradawn's neighbor from evil

Susan: For my husband John to join me in praying the Sorrowful Mother rosary

Donna: Please pray for my healing from cancer

Anonymous: For Ernie, Mariam, Amanda, Q, Ms. Keils

Christine: Please pray for Silroy

Robert: Prayers for sale of trust property and evil book store from an inherited trust

Viviana: For my health, so I may see my beautiful 5 years old son grow up and for my family

Rose: Healing of stomach issues for my 8 year old granddaughter, Addison with thanks and blessings

N: Please pray for my family and me.

Eva: To grant our marriage the gift of children if it is God's will

Donna: Clarity for God's guidance and protection for my vocation

Lily: For my 2 daughters who are estranged to return. For my daughter who has a broken vertebrae and auto immune diseases

Debbie: Miraculous intervention for Rick's car and wife Kim's spiritual and temporal needs

Brenda: Please keep my family and myself free of cancer and everyone happy, healthy and safe

Rose: Healing for 8 year old, Alex who is battling cancer, for Mary who is in  hospital battling cancer

Ken: On Holy Saturday, let us offer and dedicate our prayers to comfort and honor Jesus' Mother Mary

Caterina: For my brother to be healed of his addictions

Criselda: For restoraton of my husband who has given up our our marriage

Kimberly: Healing for my daughter 

Lucia: for healing of lymph nodes

Dennis: Gor complete healing of Gina, for protection and guidance for our family, for Jimmy's vocation to the priesthood

Annette: For complete healing of Gina

Mary: Please pray for Brian's physical, mental healing and for a job

Anonymous: For the physical, mental and emotional healing of myself, my wife and our children

Crystal: For the sanctification of my family and our physical and financial health

Fran: Please pray that my upcoming eyer surgery will be successful

Gen: For the conversion of sinners especially those whose hearts have been hardened

Frances: Pray for my 4 grandsons and granddaughter for safety, health and happiness

Tony: safety and protection for job

Mary: for generational healing and deliverance for my family

Mary: For my family and those I love to reject evil, for my brother's job and for myself to find a job

Michael: Emotional and spiritual healing

Joe: For grandson's surgery

Betty: For Rob who has an inoperable brain tumor

Erica: Healing from cold sores, for Dirk of sinus infections, Complete healing for Erica's and Dirk's families, for God's blessings for friends, their lives and marriages

ME: Prayers for our marriage

Monica: For work for my husband, for myself and for health/well being of my family, conversion for all

Nathan: For a favorable biopsy report fo my nephew/Godson Isaac

Debbie: Lucy who has blood infection and skin illness

Joe: Pray for Mick who has pancreatic cancer

Denise: for healing from abuse as a child by grandfather

Debbie: Please pray for Jim and Kim who each have critical employment issues.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer.

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