Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Gina: for my son's stomach issues

Kenneth: for my family to truly seek God's will

Barbara: protection from spiritual attacks

Heather: for children and families WA state to battle new bill requiring comprehensive sex ed. in grades K-12

Jayme: for my children and a great new job to support my family

Anonymous: Pray for Fr. Browining and parishioners at St. Thomas More as they begin Perpetual Adoration

Laura: healing for Michael and TB, financial help

William: to find a meaningful life path and make my mother proud

SFB: spiritual and psychological healing of two sisters' involvement with business and family relationships

Alex: complete healing of Trinity P.

Vicki: repose of soul of Margaret A and comfort for her famly

Monica: healing of my daughter, Daniela from irreversibel brain damage

Jeanine: for my daughter wiht Autism who cannot communicate her needs with words

Mary Ann: for Elizabeth to have complete healing from SSA, for her to embrace her femininity, to find Godly friends, return to the faith, to find a good Catholic husband

Krystyna: for healing for my daughter Mragaret who suffers from mental illness. 

Janine: for reconciliation with family

Mary: for me to love the addicts in my home

Maria Elena Mary: for Carol and her family, especially daughter Carrie, 28 fighting cancer. For all those fighting cancer. For Carmelite sisters in Ireland needing financial help, blessings throught the Holy Face of Jesus

Anonymous: for my son Tom who suffers with a mental illness

Hilario jr: Peace, forgiveness, financial recovery, repose of souls of Frenando Mario, good job, conversion of Luke

Marjorie: for healing of lyme disease

Gloria: for repose of soul of David Lee, Connor Glynn and healing of family on both sides

Rhonda: Prayer for Roy who had brain surgery, for sister and niece

Hassiby: for my friend Carmen and her husband who was diagnosed with kidney cancer

Hope: for my 19 yr old suffering debilitating ocd/depression/panic attacks

Duan tich: pray so my fiaht would not lose its way

Dez: for relief of pain that makes it hard to function

Shirley: healing of the body and mind

Maria Teresa: for deliverance and healing, to find gainful employment

Daniel: Please pray that I am cancer free for one more year so I can have kidney transplant in Dec 2020

Monika: for healing of panic and anxiety disorder and for conversion of my husband.  For family members to come back to Jesus

William: pray for 9 year old daughter Clare who has RA from Lyme's disease

Patricia: for my brother who suffered a stroke and has memory problems and other health issues.  For myself and my dear friend.

Vicki: for the repose of the soul of Fr. Evan Harkins, pastor of St. James Catholic Church in St. Joseph, MO

Patrick: healing of schizophrenia

Henry: for healing of my back from stenosis

Jennifer: for my husband and children that we find healing and peace in our home

Reji: for healing of cancer patients and depressed people

Gay: gainful employment for my husband

Annie: for help with depression and healing of body

Mary: for my my husband who attempeted suicide and is in ICU

Marie: prayer for cat who has cancer

Nicole: for my mom in ICU after brain surgery.

Joseph: healing of my lightheadedness

Colum: for my mother-in-law Lisa who had brain surgery

Lori: for conversion of my family members

Bernadette: for family members to be unchained from addictions and health issues.

John: healing from severe multiple chemical sensitivity

Sarah: personal intentions and healing of my scalp and hair, inflammation and hair loss

Barbara: for two priests who are facing challenges

Hector: For Mother Mary to help me identify my wounds

Kathy: discernment of God's will

Maria: my daughter Patricia and her husband Trevor

Lauren: healing of emotional wounds and fertility

Cynthia: all needed conversions and healing in my marriage and family tree

Matthew: for my teeth to be restored

Lori: for conversion of my family members

Zuzanna: healing from cancer

Carole: My son Michael against spiritual warfare

Tinette: Healing of my brain from mental illness and overcoming of addictions

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer.

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