Prayer List

Please join Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry in praying for the following intentions

Please pray for these intentions and the private intentions known only to God.  Please note: Intentions sent and requested not to be published are sent anonymously to all OSMM members for prayer. We pray for all intentions sent to our community.


Lori: for God's mercy and grace to repent for my sons who are involved with drugs, porn and the occult.

Marci: for all those suffering from mental health disorders expecially my daughters who are tormented with OCD, anxiety and depression

J.L. for complete healing of surgery on newborn

JoAnn: for my grandson, 12 year old dealing with ADHD and his parents to get the proper help for him

Adrianna: for the spiritual healin gof Alejandra who suffers from anxiety, depression, OCD, BDD, BPD(self-harm)

Elizabeth: for my husband Joe, who has had constant UTI and sepsis for years and on antibiotics for infections

Mary Ellen: for a good job

Kathleen: in thanksgiving for prayers answered for Joe and his continued healing, for Shannah who is undergoing chemo for brain cancer

Linda: for Deborah, healing from strokes

Eufrosina: for my son Gino as he struggles seeing and talking to someone

Sonia: healing of childhoord trauma for husband and sex, drug and alcohol addictions, for the end of generational sins affecting our children

Sara: United in Prayer and Fasting group intentions

Cindy: for successfel eye surgery for my grandson

Joseph: God's blessings on my home, life, health, possessions. that I will pray the rosary

Gina: for successful breast surgery consultation and speedy reconstruction and complete healing

Michael: healing of severe COPD

Hilario: protection and deliverance from persecutors, forgiveness, and peace

Kathleen: for Joe's successful back surgery

Teresa: complete healing for Jon P.

Denise: healing of ringing in ears and dental problems

Carmen: for acceptance of God's love by Amanda, for physical healing of spot on skin

Pam: physical healing of my back and legs so I can walk, for my husband to quit smoking and be healed of his anger

Beth: for the health and conversion of Sadie and Emily 

Christine: healing of Marilou S., conversion of my son's girlfriend to Catholicism

Kathleen: for my son, Joe who has herniated disc to get appointment with surgeon

Erietta: healing of baby Joseph who is dying of cancer, for Our Lady to bring consolation to his parents

Ann: for the conversion of my sons and husband

Anne: for my son battling depression

Paul: for emotional and psychological peace and physical healing

Isadora: for my children and family to heal body, soul and spirit, especially for my daughter Anastasia

Mario: that Jesus grants us the gift of adoption

Curt: complete healing of MS

Mary: emotional and psychological healing for Chris and her children, complete healing for this family

James: healing for my diabetes which is causing major issues

Michael:  to guide Bob into the pure love of Christ and open the way for healing.

Beth:  for my youngest daughter who needs healing

Miranda: for both sides of my family, living and the dead, for my family, friend and people I work with, for my children Jared, Adrianna and Isaiah, for their health, healing and conversion

Miranda: for my brother Stephen, souls in purgatory, for Aunt Deanna and cousin Jason, my children fathers Cam, Aaron and John

Lorna: for the conversion of our daughter Justine, for complete spiritual healing, that she amend her life and be open to the love of Christ.

Virginia: for my mom Mary W. 

Mary: for the personal prayer intentions of my family and myself, for all the sacraments, Apostolic Pardon and blessings prior to death

Lucia: for healing of my daughter and ancestral bondage and for her future husband Joseph and his healing

Norma: for our family: Louis, Norma, Louie and Thalia. 

Kelly: for my son to be healed of drug addiction and be converted to Jesus

Suzanne: for the souls of my husband Steve and our friends Jean and Fred whom we have just lost

Suzanne: for my sons and I to keep our home and get new business off the ground after losing my husband to cancer

Maria Victoria: for the conversion of my family

Shannon: for my husband's health and conversion

Rubi: for the healing of my marriage, for spiritual protection, and for my husband to open his heart to Jesus

Sergio: for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Prayers for all those suffering from cancer.

Prayers for Taylor, 5 years old, who is battling cancer. Prayers for Hannah, a young child, battling cancer and her grandmother Janet who also has cancer.

For the peace of Christ to spread throughout the world, for the conversion of all peoples and nations. For Christ to rule as King in the hearts of all men.

For all those suffering from Covid-19 to be restored to health and for an end to the pandemic. For truth to prevail and fear to be overcome.

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