2019 Retreat Dates

February 8-10

Fr. James W. Jackson, FSSP (Latin Mass)

Nothing Superfluous

The Rich theological meaning behind the art, architecture, words and gestures of the Rite of St Gregory the Great and The Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.


March 15-17

Fr. Ben Luedtke 

The Ripple Effect of Sexual Sin

No sins exist in a vacuum. They all have effects that transcend our knowledge and can effect many others even those we do not even know. Learn how the sexual sins that are commonplace today have affected the culture. What does the Church really teach about sexuality?

Please Note:  John LaBriola was originally scheduled to speak at this retreat.  Due to other obligations, he will not be speaking.


March 29-31

Msgr. Eugene Morris (Latin Mass)

Carrying Our Crosses in Daily Life

Grief, suffering and sorrow.  It seems to be all around us.  How does carrying our crosses unite us with Christ's suffering and bring us closer to Him? How do we handle it the way Christ intended? What does it all mean?  Msgr. Morris is a talented speaker who will bring you the truth that will provide the comfort and consolation you are seeking.  The Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated this weekend. 


April 12-14

Fr. Aniello Salicone


No one will enter the kingdom of heaven with unforgiveness against another.  We must forgive.  This isn't necessarily for others but for ourselves so we can heal and be filled with God's grace and mercy.


April 26-28

Fr. Shannon Collins (Latin Mass)

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why do we suffer? Why does God allow it? Why does it seem like good people have so much suffering while others do not? What is the theology behind the fact that all will suffer?

And, Mr. David Gray, Former Freemason, convert to Catholicism

David Gray will speak the truth about Freemasonry and why no Catholics should ever be Masons.


July 19-21

Fr. David Jenuwine (Latin Mass)

Opposing the Mystery of Iniquity: Spiritual Advice for Catholics in the 21st Century

Father David Jenuwine was ordained to the priesthood in June of 2009. Prior to this he served in the US Navy as an airborne cryptologic linguist as well as worked several years in the automotive industry as an electronics engineer. As a priest, he has been involved in parish ministry, hospital ministry, and ministry to schools. Since arriving in California, he has done all of that as well as street evangelization and more recently young adult pilgrimages.


August 2-4

Fr. Paul Desmarais 


Everyone is touched by addiction. Maybe you or a family member or friend suffer from addiction? Those who are addicted affect our entire culture from those who quietly get by with little notice to those whose addiction leads to crime or abuse. Addiction is no longer just alcohol or drugs. Addiction to pornography and gambling and other obsessive behaviors have been detrimental to many families. How can your faith lead you out of the darkness of addiction?

August 16-18    NEW DATE!

Fr. Chris Alar, MIC

The Catholic Church is the First Bible Church

Is the Catholic Church Bible-based? The Bible consists of the ancient books of Judaism which comprise the Old Testament and the writings of those who followed Christ that make up the New Testament. The Bible today is exactly as it was originally written.


September 20-22

Fr. Jim McCormack, MIC 

Consoling the Heart of Jesus


October 25-27

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, Fr. Bill Casey, CPM, Karl Keating,  Apostles of the Interior Life, and David Gray

22nd Annual Conference  

While facing the crowd, Pontius Pilate replied to Jesus’ statement that He came into the world to bear witness to the Truth, with the words, “What is Truth?” The Catholic Church has from the beginning the duty to preserve the Truth as taught by Jesus Christ. The Truths of the Church are to lead us to the salvation of our souls. Current beliefs and trends throughout the ages have sought to derail that but the Church will persevere to the end.