2021 Events

February 26-28—Fr. Joseph Tuscan


March 6-SATURDAY ONLY—Bonnie Engstrom

Miracle of James-Archbishop Fulton Sheen


March 19-21—Fr. Joseph Kuhlman

Feast of St. Joseph


April 17—SATURDAY ONLY—Allison Gingras



April 23-25—Fr. Daniel McElheron, Doloran Fathers


June 25-27—Fr. James Blount, SOLT


July 10—SATURDAY ONLY—Liz Kelly

Jesus Approaches


July 23-25—Fr. Joseph Esper, Archdiocese of Detroit


August 13-15—Fr. Daniel McElheron, Doloran Fathers

Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe


Sept 3-5---Fr. Anthony Mary, FSSR

Transalpine Redemptorist priest from the island of Papa Stronsay, Scotland


September 17-19—Fr. Shannon Collins, MSJB

Devotion to the Precious Blood


October 29-31—Annual Conference

Msgr. C. Eugene Morris, Archdiocese of St. Louis

More speakers to be announced


December 3-5—Fr. James Jackson, FSSP