March 19-21, 2021 Fr. Joseph Kuhlman

St. Joseph as Father, Husband, Fulfillment of Prophecy and Providence for Our Times


As we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Joseph, Fr. Kuhlman will lead us in examining how great St. Joseph is as a Saint for Our Times.  The perfect example for fathers, husbands and men in all states of life.  Perfectly obedient, humble, and hard-working.  A protector of Mary and Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Chosen by God for this special vocation.


Amidst the confusion and chaos of our times, God has raised up young priests who speak out with truth, boldness and conviction.


Fr. Joseph Kuhlman was ordained in 2015 and serves as parochial vicar of St. Patrick Catholic Church is Jacksonville, Florida. He previously served at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine in St. Augustine, FL.


The Church Has Entered Her Passion

Fr. Kuhlman 

March 19-21, 2021


(Subject to Change)



Friday, March 19, 2021  Solemnity of St. Joseph

2:30 pm     Doors open

3:00 pm     Chaplet of Divine Mercy; Chapels and Devotional areas available for prayer, Tours of Grounds available

4:00 pm    Traveler’s Mass

5:00 pm    Dinner Break

6:30 pm    Holy Rosary

7:00 pm    Session 1  Fr. Kuhlman

8:00 pm    Prayer teams will be available


March 20 , 2021 Saturday of Fourth Week of Lent

8:00 am     Doors open

8:30 am     Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

9:00 am     Holy Mass

10:00 am     Break

10:30 am     Session 2 Fr. Kuhlman 

11:30 pm     Meditation

12:00 pm    Lunch Break

1:30 pm      TBA

2:00 pm     Session 3 Fr. Kuhlman

3:00 pm     Divine Mercy Chaplet


4:00 pm      Blessings of Religious Items

4:45 pm    Session 4 Fr. Kuhlman

Evening concludes with a Final Blessing


March 21, 2021 Sunday Fifth Sunday of Lent

8 am  Holy Mass  

Fr. Joseph Kuhlman

Fr. Joseph Kuhlman

Mary's Role in My Call to the Priesthood

Retreat Information

Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother

Please observe silence in the Sanctuary during breaks as many people choose that time for prayer.


Stabat Mater Chapel

The Chapel is located within the Sanctuary. The Blessed Sacrament is reposed there.


Chapel of Mary, Reconciler of All People and Nations

Chapel dedicated to Our Lady as she appeared to Servant of God Maria Esperanza. It contains many artifacts of Maria Esperanza and the Shrine in Betania, Venezuela.


Fr. Peter Rookey Chapel

Chapel dedicated to our friend and mentor, Fr. Peter Rookey, world-renowned healing priest.


Chapel of the Church Triumphant/Holy Relics of the Saints

This chapel contains numerous relics of the saints. including First Class Relics of Sts. Francisco and Jacinta among others.  First class relics of Padre Pio, St. John Paul II, St. André Bessette and others can be found in the Sanctuary.


Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher

The Sepulcher is located behind the house of Mary and Martha. You may access through the gate along the alley directly North of the Sanctuary. The Blessed Sacrament is reposed there during retreats.


Prayer Teams

OSMM members will be available to pray with you for your intentions. Please make use of this opportunity for individual prayer with our teams.


OSMM Store

Visit our store in the lobby and reception area of the Sanctuary. We have books, sacramentals and many religious items to enhance your spiritual growth. The store is open during all breaks and meal times.