Exorcized Items

The items on this page are blessed properly in accordance with the prayers of the Traditional Latin Rite.  They are also blessed with a blessing of exorcism that aids in expelling demons.  



We are aware that blessed items are not to be sold.  The reason we have donation amount listed is to ease the process for attaining these items.  Many people contact us to say they have no access to a priest who will bless items using the Traditonal Latin prayers.  

The reason we list them on this page is to enable us to use our shipping program to calculate shipping costs and print our shipping labels for mailing.  It is just the way we use to get the products to you.   It is a matter of logistics of ordering and being able to ship efficiently.

Please understand we are not doing anything we believe to be improper with these sacramentals.

Items blessed with a special prayer of exorcism available for donation

Blessed and Exorcised Items

When a particular object is exorcized and blessed, during the exorcism the priest asks God to drive the demons away by means of the object.  The very exorcism of the object makes it repugnant to the demons.  If one also blesses it, the object contains a twofold aspect to it that the demons abhor. When bells are exorcized, they are like any other exorcized item: the demons find them repugnant.  However, in the exorcism of a bell, the ritual mentions two aspects to the bells.  The first is that the bells are a call to the people to preparing for and adoring God.  The second is it would drive away demons in their various activities when the bell is heard.  By sounding the exorcized bell, in effect, the exorcism is transmitted through the air and drives the demons out.  ~Fr. Chad Ripperger