Seven Paths to Lead You to Heaven

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Contents:  Morning Offering Holy Card, Guardian Angel/St. Michael Medal, A Guide to Confession, Angelus Holy Card, Pocket-Size New Testament, Natural Stone Rosary, Daily Examen Card

This kit contains seven ways to build your spiritual life and help lead you to heaven. There are many other worthy devotions that you may practice in additon to these.  We also have our own personal devotions that we hold close to our hearts.  We are not implying that this is list that is complete in itself for every person.

1. Morning Offering:  Begin your day with prayer. Thank God for your many blessings, especially your life and all the ways God has blessed you and even the trials He has allowed in order for you to grow in faith and trust.

2.  Devotion to the your Guardian Angel.  God has assigned each of us an angel to accompany us and guide us.  The angel has been with us since our conception and will remain with us to our death.  Our angel knows all about us and ready to help us in all situations if we turn and ask for help.

3.  Attend Mass every Sunday or Saturday evening.  Observe all Holy Days of Obligation.  Attend mass more often if possible.

4. Honor Our Lady by praying the Angelus.  The Angelus draws our mind to Our Lady three times a day.  Other devotions to Our Lady are recommended according to your own personal preferences.

5.  Read the Word of God.  The scriptures are an avenue for God to speak to our hearts.  This pocket size New Testament is perfect for carrying with you.  Instead of turning to our phones, read a few lines of Scripture and meditate of what God may be speaking to you.

6. Pray the Rosary.  Our Lady asked us at Fatima to pray the Rosary everyday for peace in the world.  Mary repeated this request during all six of the appparitons at Fatima.  She has made this request numerous times in other appartions.

7. End your day with a Daily Examen.  Ask God to show you the blessings of the past day.  Think about your day and how you acted and what you could have done differently.  Ask God for forgiveness and make a resolution to work on the following day. 


The Guardian Angel/St. Michael medal and the Natural Stone Rosary have been blessed in the Traditioanal Latin Rite with a prayer of exorcism.


Seven Paths to Lead You to Heaven

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