Special Intentions Crucifix

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Pray for your special intentions with the aid of Holy Medals and the Crucifix.  Place the medal of your choice along the crossbeam of the crucifix as you ask for the intercession of your favoriate saints. 

Includes 11 Medals:

Sacred Heart/Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: Salvation

Our Lady of Guadalupe/Sacred Heart: Unborn Children, Family Protection

Holy Family/Holy Spirit: Family Spirituality

St. Joseph with Child: Marriage/Home, Work

Miraculous: All Intentions

St. Michael/Guardian Angel: Protection, Armed Forces

St. Jude/Sacred Heart: Impossible Situations, Desperation

St. Christopher: Travel

St. Francis/St. Anthony: Peace, Healing

St. Theresa: Difficulties/Illness

St. Peregrine: Cancer/Sickness

Special Intentions Crucifix

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