Spiritual Conversion Kit

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Spiritual Conversion Kit

Are you praying for your spouse, children, grandchildren or other loved ones to come back to the Church? You are not alone. Almost every family has those loved ones who have drifted away from the faith.  

This kit provides some means to pray for your loved ones.  It includes:

No Soul Left Behind, A practical guide on how to pray for your loved ones who have left the Church. Twelve steps that include prayer, wisdom from the saints, scripture and an action item for each step.  A hopeful approach with trust in God’s plan.

A Tri-fold Holy Card of The Litany to Our Lady Healer of Families

Green Scapular:  especially used for conversion

Four Miraculous Medals that have been blessed with a prayer of exorcism. Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception is our greatest intercessor and this medal which has produced so many miracles soon became known as the Miraculous Medal.  It may be worn or used to place in the four corners of your property for protection and conversion.

Kit also includes an explanation on how to use the items included.



Spiritual Conversion Kit

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