St. Joseph and His World

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St. Joseph and His World by Mike Aquilina

What was the world like at the time of Jesus' birth. Learn how people lived in small towns like Nazareth.  What did St. Joseph actually do as a carpenter.  What type of tools did ha have and what type of objects did he make or repair? Explore the world of the Holy Family.

Scott Hahn says in his forword - What we discover between the lines is that there were, in the first century bc, two guiding hands in history: there was the providential hand of the Lord God working God's will, and there was the demonic hand of Satan manipulating the mad King Herod. As a result, there were two rival accounts of kingship, two rival ideas of temple-building, and two rival stories of salvation. Joseph was not the only Jew to recognize this dualism, but he was perhaps the most important one. Those who recognized it were forced to make difficult choices-and face terrifying consequences.

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St. Joseph and His World

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