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Does protesting help others?

Many days we hear of news reports about protests filled with anger and sometimes destruction. The people involved seem to have a noble cause.  They are protesting against gun violence, including school or other public mass shootings.  They may be protesting against some inequality they perceive.  I can’t seem to understand the rationale that violence is the answer to violence. If one group destroys public property or disrupts a public highway or event, it does not draw attention to their cause.  The attention is drawn to the destruction and disruption instead.  I read about a protest in Chicago that shut down the Dan Ryan expressway for several hours.  If you have ever traveled that road you know it is often congested especially during rush hour traffic.  It also travels through the south side of Chicago which has a very high crime rate.  The protestors were protesting gun violence.

This is where their concept of rational thought escapes me.  Does anyone need to have a highway shut down to know there is too much gun violence in Chicago?  Watch the nightly news and there are numerous shooting reported daily.  How does stopping people from going to work, visiting friends and even travelers from out of town stop gun violence?

Change has to occur at the individual level. Laws do not stop people from committing crimes.  If they did, we wouldn’t have any crime.  Laws are necessary to enforce the boundaries of a society.  When people no longer agree with boundaries, chaos follows.  Society has to have boundaries.  Those who profess that individuals can make their own truths about right and wrong are only fooling themselves.  I’m sure the person who believes what is right for them should be accepted and tolerated by all wouldn’t uphold others doing the same thing.  For example, what if my belief is whatever is in the world belongs to everyone who had need of it or desires it.  I would then be free to walk into your home, eat your food, sleep in your bed and drive your car.  I don’t know anyone who thinks that is ok.

God created the world and with it came boundaries.  Man was given dominion over the earth. Earth was not created as a permanent home.  We are pilgrims on a journey.  We are bound to make the world a better place for others.  Not for ourselves.  God does not command us to love ourselves and form the world to meet our desires.  He commands to love Him as our creator and to love others as love ourselves.  It does not say to love ourselves more than others.  Sacrifice for one another.  

True Love is not screaming for earthly rights and demanding others do as we think.  True love is willing the good of others. People have to start with themselves. Listen to one another. Respect others right to express themselves in a rational manner. Be kind. Buld others up whenever you can. Work to improve society by doing good, one person at a time. 

Love God, love others.

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