Fr. Ripperger on Healing Spiritual and Psychological Wounds

Fr. Ripperger is a leading expert in the area of spiritual warfare and exorcism. He is a well known and sought after speaker. 

His education and first-hand experience make his presentations informative and interesting. He always provides a plentitude of insights into the Catholic faith and traditions that give any listener an abundance of information on which to meditate. 

In the following conferences Fr. Ripperger explains with extraordinary lucidity the nature of spiritual and psychological wounds and how to find the healing you need.

What are wounds? (Part One)

What are Wounds? Part 1/2 ~ Fr Ripperger

What are wounds? (Part Two)

What are Wounds? Part 2/2 ~ Fr Ripperger

The Effects of Being Negative

The Psychological & Spiritual Effects of Being Negative ~ Fr Ripperger

Healing Wounds (Part One)

How Do You Heal Wounds? Part 1/2 ~ Fr Ripperger

Healing Wounds (Part Two)

How Do You Heal Wounds? Part 2/2 ~ Fr Ripperger

Dangers of Modern Psychology

Dangers of Modern Psychology ~ Fr Ripperger