Beside the Holm Oak Tree

Our Angels are Near

Once in a while we get a real reminder of the closeness of our guardian angels.  A few weeks ago, I riding in our pickup truck with my husband.  As we traveled down a main street in our town we were glad to be almost home. Since we were traveling on a street that we travel almost daily I was not particularly paying attention.  There isn’t much to look at it that I haven’t seen hundreds of times before.  Suddenly, my husband starts to brake forcifully and swerve to the right. As I look up, I see a subcompact car with the driver’s window all the way down and a young girl looking right at the front of our truck.  She had pulled out from a side street and I assume didn’t even see our truck.  She had actually stopped in the intersection and stared at us about to hit her, possibly causing great injury.  As I looked up, like many people experience in times of trauma, everything seemed to move in slow motion.  I distinctly remember thinking that we are going to hit this car. There is no way we can stop in time.  This is in itself unusual since when I’ve been driving myself and almost hit a deer or other animal, I’ve quite embarassingly caught myself yelling out.

We came to a stop only a couple of feet from the car and the driver drove off as if nothing had happened.  I couldn’t believe it as I was sure there was no way an accident would be avoided. As we reached down to pick up my cell phone, papers and other things that had flown forward onto the floor board, we looked at each other increduously that we did not hit the young girl’s car.  

I was actually surprised at how calm I felt having just averted an accident.  Normally, my heart would have been pounding. We both remarked that a subcompact car getting hit by a four wheel drive pickup truck would probably have had a very bad result.  We were so thankful nothing bad had happened.  Thanks be to God.  It was then that my husband, said, Thank God you said something.  I had not said a word, before or during the entire incident.  I had been daydreaming and not even known the car had pulled out until I felt our vehicle braking. He repeated that I had said something and warned him about the car pulling out.  I knew I had not even made a sound.

Thank you, Guardian Angels from us and especially for the young lady who drove off.

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