Exorcised Items

The items on this page are blessed properly in accordance with the prayers of the Traditional Latin Rite.  They are also blessed with a blessing of exorcism that aids in expelling demons.  



We are aware that blessed items are not to be sold

The items below have a monetary amount listed. We are suggesting this amount to cover the cost of the item, shipping, and labor and to support the ministry. It is also to enable people to order online and for us to use a shipping platform to calculate shipping costs and print our shipping labels for mailing.  It enables us to get the products to you.   It is simply a matter of easing the logistics of ordering and being able to ship efficiently.

Please understand we are not doing anything we believe to be improper with these sacramentals.  We are aware that there maybe some who do not agree with this procedure.  But the number of people who are appreciative of the availability of these sacramentals because they are not able to find priests who will bless these items for them far outnumber the people who disagree with us. Many people thank us for providing these items they are not able to obtain otherwise. 


Fr. Chad Ripperger is a Spiritual Father to OSMM.  He endorses and recommends these exorcised items as spiritual aids to people.


Out of Stock Items

Please Read

We work very hard to keep our items in stock.  Due to items being out of stock from our suppliers, backorders that are repeatedly delayed and shipping issues, we cannot control when our items are available.  

We do not know when items will arrive.  As soon as they do, we arrange for a priest to bless and exorcise these items and then post them on our website and send out emails to all subscribers at the same time.

We do not have the capacity to send out individual emails or accept pre-orders.  


International Customers

Your particular country may have custom taxes, etc that may have to pay when your package arrives.  Please check before ordering since we are not able to include these in our system.


We are suspending shipments to the UK at this time as too many shipments are being delayed for unreasonable lengths of time or never being delivered.

We apologize to our UK friends that this has become necessary.

Items blessed with a special prayer of exorcism available for donation

Blessed and Exorcised Items

When a particular object is exorcized and blessed, during the exorcism the priest asks God to drive the demons away by means of the object.  The very exorcism of the object makes it repugnant to the demons.  If one also blesses it, the object contains a twofold aspect to it that the demons abhor. When bells are exorcized, they are like any other exorcized item: the demons find them repugnant.  However, in the exorcism of a bell, the ritual mentions two aspects to the bells.  The first is that the bells are a call to the people to preparing for and adoring God.  The second is it would drive away demons in their various activities when the bell is heard.  By sounding the exorcized bell, in effect, the exorcism is transmitted through the air and drives the demons out. 

~Fr. Chad Ripperger