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The Success of Unplanned, the movie

By now, you have probably heard of the movie, Unplanned, based on the book with the same name by Abby Johnson.  Johnson, a formal director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas has a St. Paul-like conversion and now works to protect the rights of the unborn.  The former director and now pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson, has done something not many people would have the courage to do.  She exposed the evil abortion industry at the cost of letting the world see her own stubborness, faults and mistakes.  Not many of us would put all their regrettable life choices on film for the world to know.  For the greater cause of saving babies, she has put aside her pride and surely opened herself up to judgment and criticism, to help the helpless.

The timing of this movie is truly providential.  It is now when abortion advocates have gone beyond what anyone could have imagined by advocating abortion up to and including the moment of birth that the fight has to be increased.  When elected officials were questioned whether a child after birth would be given treatment, the response was; that would be determined by the mother and doctor.  When abortion laws were passed in New York, buildings were lit up in pink lights and the legislators cheered. Who could celebrate the killing of babies? Who could have imagined the callous treatment of a newborn innocent baby?  What is left? The evil one has overplayed his hand.  The depravity has been laid bare for all to see.

So many dichotomies have been exposed.

The acknowledgement of a living baby in the womb is no longer in question.  But, advocates  of abortion believe a woman is god of life and death of another person even after it is born.

If its not a baby, how do we refer to someone as the mother?  What is she the mother of?

If a pregnancy is dangerous to a mother’s health, how can a baby already born alive still be a danger?  Why does the mother still have jurisdiciton over a child she choose to abort?

The light of truth has been shown onto what transpires in these clinics as women are pushed toward abortion as the only option and lied to about the development of their child.

The abortion industry is exposed as an industry based on money and profits with no regard for women or children. The women who go there become a victim themselves of an industry based on greed.

How are women and doctors making a decison about a now born baby?  The movie exposes the fact that the doctors do not consult with the women.  They never even speak to them. A woman is prepped for abortion and the doctor arrives only to perform the abortion and move on the next one.

In Illinois, the law says a child must be 14 to be left alone at home by their parents.  But now, they can be 13 and have the maturity to decide to have an abortion on their own?  Legislation has been introduced to lower the home alone law to 12 years of age.

Unplanned was given a “R” rating.  Archbishop Naumann stated that it was good that the motion picture industry realized the violence of abortion and gave the movie that rating.

In many states, a girl can have an abortion without parental permission but is not old enough to see the movie, Unplanned.

Although I already opposed abortion, the movie has inspired me to be more vocal and active in fighting this great injustice of our time.  When so many people are obsessed with their own rights; how will we justify to future generations that we ignored the most helpless and innocent children in the womb and allowed them to be ripped apart and destroyed, and then disposed of like garbage?

The existence of abortion has become so entrenched in our society, it seemed to me that it would be almost impossible to reverse.  But the light of truth has revealed the evil of darkness.  Light will prevail.  Join the many people who have worked for tirelessly for years for the unborn.  Join them in prayer, by your witness and if you can by your works.

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