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Are You Perfect?

Are you perfect is kind of a strange question.  No one is perfect.  We all have flaws, probably more than we care to admit.  They say, they we tell more lies to ourselves than anyone else.  So, we may rationalize some of less perfect qualities.

In Matthew, 5:48, the Gospel reads,  “Be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect”.  Chapter 5 begins with the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is giving us a blueprint for living our lives.  These are not just words to read and dismiss.  When Jesus speaks, He is just giving us some suggestions about how to get along better with others.  He is gving us commands as to what we should be doing.  

We are given many gifts, first of all our very lives, then our families, all those who love us, our homes, possessions and let’s face it, many conveniences.  We have more leisure time than any generation that lived before us.  Many things we own are supposed to be saving us time.  But what are we using our time for?  More leisure activities?  

If Jesus has commanded us to be holy, then He has provided the means and given us the ability to do so.  He doesn’t require us to do things He doesn’t equip us to do. Then comes the hard part.  We have to respond.  So, how to become holy?  We will according to the God’s Will.  Where are we in our life?  How can we love others?  How can we help others?   We are not asked to be Mother Teresa, moving to India to care for the poor.  That was her calling.  We are asked to love those who are in our immediate circle;,our families, our friends, those people we work with or attend the same church.  

We are to pray and give glory to God.  Do we talk to him everyday, sharing our thoughts, our worries, our joys and blessings?  Or is God tucked neatly into Sunday morning before we start our day, doing what we really want to do.  Hopefully, God and going to Mass isn’t a check list item.

Holiness isn’t an option, it is our duty to work daily to pray, eliminate our faults, give to others, love our enemies and pray for them.  

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