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God Promises Us Mercy, Not Time

I read the statement that is the title of this post a few days ago. I’ve thought about it many times since.  It’s so simple but as is often true, the simplest statements pack the most truth.  Jesus came to save us.  We, poor souls, through original sin and our own weakened natures are a sinful people.  We choose the easy route, seek our own interests and forget about our eternal souls and those of others.  But God sent his Son to teach us the way.  We have the great teachings of the Church and the Scriptures that show us how to live and we when we fail, we are to seek God’s Mercy.  God is waiting for us to turn to him with total trust in prayer and seek his mercy when we falter.  

The one thing God doesn’t promise us is time.  Many of us tend to put things off until a more convenient time.  We even do this with prayer. We wait until later in the day when we have finished our other duties.  Then we may be too tired to pray and fall asleep.  What about the sacraments?  Sunday rolls around and we are tempeted to sleep late and tell ourselves that God understands and we’ll get to mass next week.  Week after week pass by and soon the habit of not going to mass is ingrained. This is just what the evil one wants you to believe. Don’t worry, there is always time later to go to mass.  Remember, the evil one is the father of all lies.

This is especially true with the sacrament of Confession.  We keep putting it off or excuse ourselves of going.  The devil is pleased if you do not seek God’s mercy.  He wants you to move away from your faith, to fail and to think you do not need God.  There is a battle for your soul and the tactics to win your soul are very subtle.  Among other schemes, they are procrastination, self-reliance and pride.  

Time is not guaranteed. We are not promised tomorrow.  We may not even have the next moment.  Keep your eyes on the goal. Live in light of eternity.  Your soul depends on it.

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