Beside the Holm Oak Tree

July 28-29 Retreat Forgive That You May Be Forgiven

We’re super excited about our next retreat. Fr. Ben Luedtlke was here a few years ago and he gave a great retreat.  He is a former actor so his presentation style is very accomplished. He has a lot of good stories and analogies that help illustrate his teachings.  He is also a great confessor, so if you haven’t been to confession for awhile this is a great opportunity to go, be comfortable and be healed.

We meet John LaBriola several years ago and he has been a great advisor and friend. He is very knowledgeable in the area of deliverance, temptation, oppression and obsession.  His book, Onward Catholic Soldier, is a great manual for understanding how the devil gets a foothold in our lives and how he uses our weaknesses to tempt us into greater sin. He provides countless sayings from the saints and from scripture that help you understand the area of spiritual warfare.  The book provides prayers to help combat the enemy and keep yourself protected.

As always, we surround our retreats with prayer: Holy Mass, Rosary, Chaplets, adequate time to pray and meditate on what you’ve heard and discern what God is telling you.  Our prayer teams will be available to pray with you.

Refresh yourself this summer with a retreat. Come, relax, pray and rest awhile.

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