Fr. Chad Ripperger

Fr. Ripperger has presented retreats at OSMM in the past.  We hope to have him back in the future but no dates are confirmed at this time.  He is not in residence at OSMM. He is working in another state solely with his private spiritual work with individuals and in establishing an order of priests dedicated to that work.  We are not in charge of his ministry in any way.

A large selection of his homilies, books and articles can be found at sentrad.org or see dolorans.org for further information



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Jan. 26-28, 2018 Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC

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Marian Apparitions, Finding Truth and Grace

Our Lady comes to lead us to Her Son.  Her message has been true and constant through the centuries. We welcome Fr. Anthony Gramlich as our retreat master as he leads us to know and live the beautiful messages and important warnings from heaven.

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February 9-11, 2018 Fr. Lawrence Carney

Fr. Carney

Walking the Road to God and Out of the Darkness

Fr. Carney serves as the chaplain for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in Gower, Missouri, His daily routine includes celebrating Mass according to the Extraordinary Form, hearing confessions and offering spiritual direction. But he does something that he sees as his way to bring people to Christ, to be a "fisher of men". He can be seen walking the streets in a traditional cassock and large Clergy hat, praying the rosary in one hand and holding a large crucifix in the other.

Mass will be in the Extraordinary Form this weekend.