Satirical post really hits Planned Parenthood hard

You may or may not be familiar with website called the Babylon Bee. It is a satirical website that writes about religion, politics and current events.  Many of their articles are actual laugh out loud funny.  Add a little twist to a small bit of truth and it can be very witty.  My type of humor. I enjoy reading their website and always get a chuckle out of it.

 Recently they printed an article with the title: "Democrats Erupt In Protests After Planned Parenthood Begins Offering Puppy Abortions".  As I read the story, it was amazing how the exact language used to justify abortion of babies seemed so cruel and disgusting when it referred to puppies.  This story really hit home how evil and twisted the arguments from Planned Parenthood and those who support abortion.  Frankly, it was sickening to read.

These are a few sentences from the article: (Remember this is not real, but a satirical article) Link to actual article

"The abortions for dogs are performed under the organization's new "Planned Puppyhood" program. Planned Parenthood calls the program "Female Dog Healthcare" and says it is necessary for a dog's health and emotional well-being. "Her litter, her choice," the program's slogan goes. "Kill puppies -- no matter what." They will also be selling aborted puppy parts to the highest bidder."

"Democrats say they will end their protests if Planned Parenthood agrees to go back to just killing human babies."

Just the thought of taking dogs to a clinic to undergo abortions is repugnant.  Yet every day, without fail, women are allowed, even encouraged to go to abortion clinics to kill their unborn babies.  Even during this pandemic, abortion clinics remain open.  People are fighting for their lives and others are disposing of human life.  One governor, justified abortion clinics remaining open in Michigan as being "life sustaining".  A pro-life group quickly responded that abortion was not life sustaining, just lifestyle sustaining.

Now as I said, the article in the Babylon Bee was a satirical story on Planned Parenthood's double talk and its actual business of abortion.  There are no Planned Puppyhood clinics.  But I fear if there were, there would be far more protest and disgust than what we see at our abortion clinics who are operating as business as usual.

April 27, 2020

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